lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2008

The target of the project will be for pupils to realise the possibility of working together with other children from different countries in spite of the distance or the cultural differences; read stories made by the cooperation of everyone and enjoy them.

The project will last from October to May.

On the first term, (till January) each school will write/draw a story based on given “key-words” ( characters, places, unforeseen situations ) and send it on-line to the other school partner which illustrate/label it and, in case, enrich it with bubbles.

At this point the stories will be sent back in a PowerPoint presentation. The “difficulty” and the number of the stories will depend on the age of the single classes and the number of the schools involved in this process.

At the end there should be more stories to exchange made by the cooperation of every school. We are going to proceed also on the second term of the school year, but with different modalities: each school will work out just the beginning of a story (with the five “W”, WHAT WHO WHERE WHEN…) that will be developed by the other schools partner.

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